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Posted In Pakistan By Fiza Khan - 01 Apr 2019

Food Is Love! Top Famous Food Spots You Should Check-in In Karachi

Did someone say Food? LOL, nearly every foodie can relate to the exciting feeling we get to have when we hear anything related to FOOD. Well, humans can compromise on everything but not food. That’s true! In the past when people ate to live, today we live to eat. Lol! And by the way, when there are such amazing and mouth-watering food items found here, who will not wish to taste all these delicious dishes?

Meerath Tikka

Haven't you guys heard about the Malai Tikka of Meerath Kabab House situated in Gurumandir? Well, I don’t think that any Karachitte had stayed away from it. Karachi’s BBQ is, and when you taste it, you cannot stand up without completing the food. The prices are reasonable too when it’s to compare with the taste. The tikka along with Bihari Boti has left an outstanding effect on people.

Pizza Fries

Pizza Fries of Dhoraji is a new arrival! Pizza fries were not made before, but the love for chips had led to so many fries being made such as cheesy bites, chipotle and many fries covered with delicious sauces. These fries are coated with pizza toppings; Jalapeños, cheese, mushrooms, tomato sauce, and all other ingredients make it look so delicious that we can’t control our appetite!

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Well, Katakat is one of the dishes liked by the people of Karachi especially the elders and the best katakat is made in Noorani Kabab of Do Darya. Well, I’ll say that they make such a tantalizing platter that you can’t even imagine what it's made of. Everyone who loves spices must try it, and I bet you’re gonna visit it twice a month.

Source: Pakistani Food Recipes

Chullu Kabab

Then comes our favorite Chullu Kabab and the first place that pops in our mind is Chullu Subhani Cafe located in Sadar. The way they serve it is outstanding and the presentation makes you go all hungry. It's, to say the least!

Source: Karachi Eating out

Broast of Bilal Broast

Broast of Bilal Broast is very Chatpatta and the juicy leg piece presented with french fries along with chutney! What taste! Other items of this restaurant is not that much famous when it comes to Broast but still, I’ll rate this restaurant 9 on 10.

Source: Pakistani.PK

Jamil’s Biryani

Biryani! Pakistanis call it their national dish and Biryani made in every house is finger - licking but Jamil's in Dhoraji offers Chicken Tikka Biryani that will make you its fan. Whether you’re alone or with your friends, Biryani is Bae ( Before anyone else).

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Hot n Spicy Rolls

How can we forget Rolls of hot n spicy restaurant? The chutney rolls make a person feel good and this makes his day. These rolls are filled with crispy and spicy chicken with some juicy sauces. Along with its taste, the chef also takes care of its hygiene.

Source: The Express Tribune

Bon Bistro Burgers

Burgers are everyone’s favorite whether it’s a zinger burger or any kabab burger. However, the cheese loader of Bon Bristo is scrumptious and appetizing. It looks so inviting when the cheese falls from the burger and so we gulp it all over. When people visit Bon Bistro, they also love having it’s pizza fries covered with cheese. The environment there is also good and peaceful.

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Bun Kabab

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Bun Kabab! Oh my god. Bun Kabab of burns road has won the hearts of Karachiites! Although people don’t like having such kind of food this Bun kabab has changed their thoughts! They can not think of anything better than its flavourful taste and the spicy chutney!

Chinese Food

Pakistanis, other than desi food also prefer having Chinese and other fast food like chili rice, Shashlik, and club sandwiches. Kashif foods present Singaporean rice. The spaghetti and rice covered with so many sauces and cheese make people crave for it even more and they end up licking their fingers!


Shawarma plate of Qasr un Nakhil (Boat basin) is very yummy with different kinds of sauces and the masala is so good that people cannot stop eating!

Al Arab Shawarma of Bahadurabad is also one of the favorite dishes of people when you have to wait for a long time just get your Shawarma. The spices in the Shawarma are very different from others and that’s the reason people go mad after it.

Pathan Parathaa

You must for sure have heard about the Paratha of Alamgir. When you’re tired of eating bread and eggs every morning, you can visit Alamgir and try Malai paratha. The lachaydar paratha makes our day so good that you can’t stop eating and you wish to order again when you realize that you’ll gain weight too if you don’t stop.

Source: PMP


Then comes the  Chat of Bombay Chat house. This chat house is serving for 40 years and is situated in Bohri Bazaar. People from far away places come here just to taste its chat and they love it.

Fresco Dahi Barrey

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Well, in sweet dishes, Fresco has given us so juicy Dahi Barays that no bakery has ever offered. When a person eats it, these Dahi Baray immediately book their place in that person’s heart.

Halwa Poori

On weekend, Pakistani men enjoy having Halwa Poori with their wives and children but Halwa poori at Deera can’t be explained in words. Well, people come to boat basin for breakfast but Deera had amazed them by providing such toothsome Halwa poori that no one can!

Gola Ganda

Source: Cuisine of Karachi

Here comes the Gola Ganda and the number one place to have gola is Dhoraji. Dhoraji is famous for its golas. The colorful gola ganda gives such a refreshing taste that you can’t think of.

Peshawari Ice cream

Source: KFoods.com

Pakistanis' love for ice cream is a never-ending tale; especially in this dog days of summer, people find nothing better than gulping a perfectly chilled ice cream.  So, how can we ignore the Peshawri icecream of Saddar. It’s tempting enough to make you feel all cold even in the hottest climate. Its ice cream has made people come from different areas and now people have been liking other flavors as well.

To sum it all up, the love for food is in every Pakistani's blood. Though, many of us are well aware of the fact that how much going overboard with food can harm us. Still, nothing can apart us from hitting on these famous eateries for scrumptious food that we all love.  No matter how much fat you get, you cannot stop eating and especially when you have so many choices of what to eat and what not to. So, we hope to see more and more new food items made in our city!

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