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hey its me guys Rubab
hey its me guys Rubab



sexy desi bachi anoushey
sexy desi bachi anoushey



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Posted 11 Dec 2019 by hindustylez
Lol I find it funny that you be real quick to respond you little tricklet of a fucking child! Step off you lil minor ass fucking baby and go gag on your pacifier...
Posted 04 Dec 2019 by ratemedateme
And by the way you write like Neegrowz lol I bet you're not even high school scumbag!!!!
Posted 04 Dec 2019 by ratemedateme
ya nigga i jot like ur dawgy dawg filthy papa,,, yer a scum nigga bag rotten sheeeet ... fok ya ugly ass fuckin fok face ...
Posted 03 Dec 2019 by hindustylez
You type like your 4 yr. old bitch couzin! Admit that you just weak and jealous at the world homez and once you have quenched that admittance then go and off yourself... fucking sorry bitch made ass faggot!
Posted 01 Dec 2019 by ratemedateme
ya lauf at yer fokin faggot fok fok face u piece of scum shit
Posted 01 Dec 2019 by hindustylez
Lol you such a lil nigleT! Take that mask off son you been scarred all them chica's off ya page... sorry ass punTa! And don't act like you don't share a banana with your pet monkey trick ass nigga... Lol!
Posted 28 Nov 2019 by ratemedateme
no doubt u r experienced troll ... neva seen a ugly ass queer like u baji lol take that wig off ... no wonder u hangout with monkeys =D
Posted 28 Nov 2019 by hindustylez
Look here trick... There be 2 type of men in this world. The one that stays solid and the other who be a see thru nigga! Boi you all out a see thru faggot fuck ass nigga! Stop with the hate and clean yourself the fuck out...
Posted 22 Nov 2019 by ratemedateme
u admittin dawg yer a faggot nigga coc suckaaaaa ... go n get foked piece of sheeet
Posted 20 Nov 2019 by hindustylez
I bet you think the sky turns pink when you cry like a fucking bitch! Faggot...
Posted 16 Nov 2019 by ratemedateme
cock suckaaa dick faced faggot go fok the niggazzz lol
Posted 07 Nov 2019 by hindustylez
Fassan you're a trick in stiletto's that can't walk str8... shit I wonder why!
Posted 01 Nov 2019 by hassannyc
dude u r a faggot from india go ride the monkey
Posted 31 Oct 2019 by hindustylez
Lol both ya'll str8 up cunTz! Swagger the fuck off teletubby lookn' fuckheadz...
Posted 28 Oct 2019 by rpatel
nah he low life fok em
Posted 19 Oct 2019 by str8b411in
no wonder u stare @ menz lips n cockz... u niggah cock sucka hindu faggot gandu bc
Posted 18 Oct 2019 by hindustylez
Yo son pucker them lips up some more lightweight faggot muthafuka!
Posted 13 Oct 2019 by str8b411in
coc suckaaaaaa go n fok some faggots
Posted 05 Oct 2019 by hindustylez
What's good Miss Queen? Bottom line is they just love to hate...
Posted 04 Oct 2019 by bengaliqueen
Posted 04 Oct 2019 by bengaliqueen
y don't ya'll quit it
Posted 03 Oct 2019 by hindustylez
Oye fob ass lookn' muthafuka.. your lips tell a story son! Lol given one too many blowjobs in your day I see...
Posted 02 Oct 2019 by mchaudhry112
hindu bhen chod fok u go n fok the cow u ugly lookin piece of shit :@
Posted 24 Sep 2019 by hindustylez
Lollll Gyeaaa you a small tima fa sho! Yo momma such a fucking skank she like Little Caesars , 5 bucks hot and ready... Small weight you ain't kickn' no mileage my way son so do yourself a favor and end yourself...
Posted 20 Sep 2019 by abdul1237
yoO moma is for sale cock suckaaaaaaaa ! loOoOol just get that stra8 modo foka i gah black genez not indian lil dick genez suckaaaa !!!
Posted 20 Sep 2019 by hindustylez
It's cuz you got a long nose like one son... stop fooln' yourself thinkn' you packn' like a big dawG! Fuckface faggot muthafuka get the fuck on with your sorry ass self...
Posted 16 Sep 2019 by abdul1237
scumbag yoO mama call me a horse
Posted 16 Sep 2019 by hindustylez
Both of ya'll Faggots get the fuck off my page!
Posted 08 Sep 2019 by raedhussain
Nigga works at a gas station, don't think he can afford to even think of buyin RD. Hit me up, let's talk!
Posted 06 Sep 2019 by abdul1237
RD is up foh sellin u interested homez ?
Posted 17 Aug 2019 by ratemedateme
Posted 06 Feb 2019 by mahi_ve
I think I remember this pic from the old ratedesi version lol ...
Posted 26 Nov 2018 by sabafatima
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Posted 12 Nov 2018 by hindustylez
You never even held a gun you lil child! Go play with your beanie baby dolls faggot ass trick...
Posted 03 Nov 2018 by rpatel
well fok u nigga disgrace for the hindu ppl modo fokaaaaar fok u hard over n over again till u die bitccccchhhhhhhh ass niggahhhhh !! gunshot
Posted 02 Nov 2018 by hindustylez
Lol now comes the 3 Indo- Musketeers!!! Lololol ya'lll fuckheads mayne I swear let each and every one of you get Marked and Faded the fuck away from existence since ya'll just love to play games...
Posted 01 Nov 2018 by rpatel
piece of shit
Posted 01 Nov 2018 by rpatel
hindu man hindu style whatever the fuck u r FUCK U MAN !!!!
Posted 01 Nov 2018 by mohkhan
Ass wipe nigga no wonder u aint got no life writing these paras... well u know very well whoz a faggot thats ur business lol please do yourself a favor and shoot yourself bottom up ;)
Posted 01 Nov 2018 by hindustylez
Little Tiny I bet you fantasize about taking your ribs out like that faggot rock star so you could just lick and suck on your own dick all day n night! Fucking sick ass faggot! Mokhan you don't make a damn shit worth of sense you illegit wannabe HINDU shit fuck!!! I think the both of ya'll really are beavis and butthead and ought to get on with each other mates. No lie, I know ya'll fantasize about each other...Fucking rotten scoundrels with no back up and a delusion sense of reality! Both have lots to learn, once you come off them training wheels then come to daddy! Bitch ass trick faded hoes!!!
Posted 24 Oct 2018 by mohkhan
hindu plz stop cursing ur daddy now, ur mama didn't tell u she did em n u were conceived ?
Posted 23 Oct 2018 by tinu_singh
u r mistaken u filthy piece of rotten scum,,, i'll chop u on oppositr sides n dump ya filthy ass in a sewer where u belong ass wipe niggaaaaaa
Posted 22 Oct 2018 by hindustylez
Lololl nigga I swear to god if we met in person you'd dip out with out the quickness! I'd dismantle you in my muthafukn sleep you lil playboi wannabe!
Posted 16 Oct 2018 by tinu_singh
biggest low life hindu madar chod gandu,,, i wish i could meet u n fuck u up nigga and i fuckin mean it ,,,, madar chod i am a sardaar kus paar day ga teri maan ki chooooth u hindu piece of shit modo fokaaaar!!!
Posted 16 Oct 2018 by hindustylez
hahaha damn I guess hata'z come in flocks eh! Faggot ass shit got nada constructive to do but to clown on niggaz that's capable of putting you 6 feet down choking on dirt! Lol sorry ass wanksta!
Posted 10 Oct 2018 by pathan1983
@RatemeDateme that is not a wig, its the left over hairs of Sardar Geez dick on his face n head n prolly everywhere else he had it loOoOol
Posted 10 Oct 2018 by pathan1983
looks like the genie on drugs came outta the lamp with his ass n face fucked hard by a Sardar loOoOoOl
Posted 08 Oct 2018 by ratemedateme
u gotta admit u thing yer a faggot =)
Posted 08 Oct 2018 by hindustylez
Being an asshole eh! You must be blind or stupid or just both judging by your delusional intellect! Do yourself a favor and dismiss yourself...the more you spit garbage, the more you look like one! Fucking dumb shit fuck ass faggot...
Posted 06 Oct 2018 by ratemedateme
like i said Niggarrrrr we dont hold your traits and i dont even know that dude, i just saw you being an asshole with yer faggot face. =)
Posted 06 Oct 2018 by hindustylez
Go tell your butthead buddy the same damn thang! Both ya'll walk with each on the streets feeln' up on each other....Lol small tima!
Posted 06 Oct 2018 by hindustylez
Good one! Go ahead an give yourself a tap on your right shoulder for being such a tamed, brain washed faggot! Stretch that Kool Aid smile a mile long chutiya...the outcome of it enlightens your Inferiority complex which is pathetically prevalent within you! Go wash up nigga you stank like a skank!t
Posted 28 Sep 2018 by ratemedateme
sorry we dont hold your traits
Posted 28 Sep 2018 by hindustylez
Lol ya'll little faggots remind me of Beavis and Butthead joined by the ass! Do what ya'll do best and keep jerkn' each other off...
Posted 24 Sep 2018 by tinu_singh
Yep ... he is a faggot with no brains
Posted 23 Sep 2018 by ratemedateme
hindus r all tricksters n pricksters ? why r ya wearing a wig ? Are you a Fag ?
Posted 22 Sep 2018 by hindustylez
You troll like you Trump's little chiwawa! Step off and go do your boy's bidding by fetching what's left of your dignity small timer... Like to talk like you got something to prove but in reality you're just leagues and levels below me...pat yourself on the back with a cricket bat and get your spoiled ass to sleep!
Posted 21 Sep 2018 by ratemedateme
sorry dude ,,, i really feed bad for u. Did u find any luck finding a guy over here ? And btw your hindi sucks too, its better u just keep talking trash in English or maybe u can spell that right Vinglish ?
Posted 20 Sep 2018 by hindustylez
Lolol Oye Tinu why sooo jealous homie!?!? I feel the envy seeping thru your pores cuz maybe you just tryna be like me eh! Pssssssssssshhhhhhhhh go kick rocks nigga...That's all you good at little boy...
Posted 20 Sep 2018 by hindustylez
Yea well that seems to be a problem within yourself son! Go correct yourself and get your mind right then come at me with some logic unless your brain cells gone depleted due to your fucking ignorance and incompetency! Small timer little spoiled faggot...You got nothing better to do but to throw your shame and stupidity! Own up to it you little chutiya...
Posted 17 Sep 2018 by ratemedateme
sorry i dont like hindus they got monkey donkey rabbit snakes and cockraoches as their gods
Posted 13 Sep 2018 by susanahmedi
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Posted 13 Sep 2018 by tinu_singh
Lowlifes like u really have no life huh ? Like i said Fuck Face i am not a hindu, you guys believe in everything that crawls n walks as ur bhagwan. So dont lecture me Gandu. You need to go on some Foked up bridge n crash coz u got no life whatsoever.
Posted 13 Sep 2018 by hindustylez
You are a lost soul with no definition nor intellect! I bring the creator in cuz you don't know who it is fooo! Meditate or do something to get you right spiritually! Cuz your make believe god is just that! Get it thru your thick headed, brain washed membrane homie.. And from the looks of it you got many cycles to go thru to get where you really need to get to and truly understand that this garbage of a God that you would bend over for will do nada but take your pathetic essence or of what's left of it and have you slumber thru the streets with disgrace and shamelessness!!! Get your mind right kid or just act like a fucking piece of shit with no digity!!! Lil FAGGOT!!!
Posted 13 Sep 2018 by tinu_singh
Dick faced nigga i dont worship cows, goats and monkeys which u modo fokin hindus call baghwan, motha fucka low life piece of shit, i dont know wtf you believe in, but you should not bring the creator in otherwise i will fuck the hell out of u FAGGOT!
Posted 13 Sep 2018 by hindustylez
Lolol damn you a mind reader homez! I own 3 of them tu chutiya! What you do eh? Go around scooping up dog's shit around the dog park hoping to bhagwan that just maybe one day you may meet a foine ass larkiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lolllllllllllllllll psssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh you just a lil NIGLET!!! And that's right I said Bhagwan cuz that's your real muthafukn god! Get on your bitch ass knees like you use to doing...Spoiled ass chunky chump! Lolol!!!
Posted 09 Sep 2018 by tinu_singh
Kabron admit it yer a FAGGOT !!! lil cockroach that works at 7 elevens n gas stations. I pity u low life scumbag.
Posted 09 Sep 2018 by hindustylez
Hahaha you know you tiny homie hence your real name chutiya!!! Damn son I just don't get why you always in denial kid!!! Do us all a favor and stop killing the remaining brain cells you got left and better yourself with the ones you do have left by changing ya whole FACADE faggoT!
Posted 08 Sep 2018 by tinu_singh
nuthin is tiny ere puta .... i wont ride a faggot but i can smash yer faggot face specially when yer wearing yer horse tatti hair wig .. FAGGOT !!!
Posted 06 Sep 2018 by hindustylez
Lol Tinu tiny faggot ass Teenie keep on hatin' vato!
Posted 30 Aug 2018 by tinu_singh
Sadia this hindu guy is a low life Faggot, just stay away from this scumbag.
Posted 30 Aug 2018 by hindustylez
Maynnee ain't none of these sorry fucks Know how to win! Anyways chiquita where you been hiding at lately? Nada much on my end though just tryna make some legit moves so I can better my situation ya know...
Posted 27 Aug 2018 by sadia
lol u guys r hilarious,,,, who won tho ? =P this shit dip place is boring nigga !! use to be fun tho back in the days .... what ya upto ???
Posted 23 Aug 2018 by hindustylez
Lolol Oyee sallliii you ain't nada but a shit talker homez! Trust you ain't kickn' no mileage my way blood... Now go slit your wrists and call it a fucking day!
Posted 21 Aug 2018 by tinu_singh
see u luv doing the FAGGOT talk gandu kay bachay, faggots like u i stomp my croc shoe on ur fokin dickhead face fuckin faggot gandu !!!
Posted 21 Aug 2018 by hindustylez
Still at it eh! Fucking disgrace excuse for a god damn human being in lamen terms your pathetic... Now go fetch me a bottle of the black walker so I could smash it up your ass you little spoiled fuck!
Posted 16 Aug 2018 by tinu_singh
hindu i will fuck you hard n bad randi kay bachay ,,, u r a Kunjari lol Faggot !!!
Posted 09 Aug 2018 by hashim
Posted 08 Aug 2018 by hindustylez
Don't worry about it...why you keep responding vaTo??? Go and talk to some kurrii'z unless you wanting lund down your throat...bakwas kutha!
Posted 28 Jul 2018 by tinu_singh
i am very practical niggah,,, where the f is 8 miles ???
Posted 17 Jul 2018 by hindustylez
Oye batamize you got a big fucking mouth don't cha! Come to 8 mile you little wanksta so I can put that ugly mouth of yours to use fucking benchod ka bacha....
Posted 16 Jul 2018 by tinu_singh
Spell the words right you confused ABCD madar chod... cock sucking cock roach, i will stomp yer face with my big lula kus ka bacha hindu kunjar !!
Posted 16 Jul 2018 by hindustylez
Tinu your a fucking disgrace and you talk like a trick kutha that just got off the fucking boaT! Do yourself a favor and cut your tongue out with your imbecilic faggot ass. Oye Amjad you look like a fob ass fucka yearning to get bent over! Again another fob ass faggot fuck both of ya'll don't got the heart or balls to swing into action but instead both ya'll just ugly ass trollss tryna score points by kicking milesage my way...sorry ass batamize kanchodz!!!
Posted 15 Jul 2018 by tinu_singh
u will shit ur pants hindu n i will make a fag gandu like u eat that shit n i will make my Nigger friends fuck in ur nasty asshole Niggaaaah!!! u tryina mess with the wrong dude here hindu bhen chod
Posted 14 Jul 2018 by amjad_khan
hindustylez you look like a faggot lol
Posted 14 Jul 2018 by hindustylez
I bet you got smooth skin like a lady! You will get tricked out... it's just a question of when ? Your swag screams out boi come and get me... best go and hide in the corner before the big BOY'Z come out and play! Faggot ass pathetic shit fuck vaTo...
Posted 08 Jul 2018 by tinu_singh
hindu gandu u got luli i got a lula... you know the difference u wig wearin faggot bhen chod
Posted 04 Jul 2018 by hindustylez
Haha you lucky you make me laugh babyboi! Now shut your internet gangsta wannabe ass with my fucking lund and kick rocks kamina...
Posted 02 Jul 2018 by tinu_singh
hindu u can only say this on this site ... you'll be dead if u say that shit on ur DADS face n thats me hindu gandu
Posted 02 Jul 2018 by hindustylez
Lo.l you a little minor muthafucka! I dont' give a shit fuck if you the great Sahib banchod! I'd still bend your ass over and make you scream my name chutiya...
Posted 28 Jun 2018 by tinu_singh
hindu gandu u know i m a Sardar,,, chodh doon ga tujhe
Posted 27 Jun 2018 by hindustylez
Want a bananna kanchod!?
Posted 18 Jun 2018 by tinu_singh
oi bandar
Posted 16 Jun 2018 by hindustylez
Lol look at this pretty boy bandar spittn' out bakwas...
Posted 14 Jun 2018 by raedhussain
i only see 1 bandar here n thats u lol
Posted 14 Jun 2018 by hindustylez
haha yeaa no doubt but not on this thang...bandar's have keen ears if you get what I'm sayin'...you got fb or somethin?
Posted 10 Jun 2018 by sadia
any stories you might wanna share from back in the days lol
Posted 03 Jun 2018 by hindustylez
Lolol you soo dog gone right on that! Pssssshhhhh this place maaaaayyyyyyneeeee.....
Posted 01 Jun 2018 by sadia
prvt mssging is missing prolly they'll have it soon =P
Posted 31 May 2018 by hindustylez
Lol yup you already know! And naa really don't look like it but fuck it!
Posted 30 May 2018 by sadia
And yer a hater on the new RD anyways =)
Posted 30 May 2018 by sadia
nothing its just boring here .. looks like not everyone know that RD is back lol
Posted 18 May 2018 by hindustylez
hahaha right Sadia! My buzt and naaa I disagree this site is all over the dog gone place...anyways what's good with you?
Posted 18 May 2018 by sadia
I disagree i like this site better, old version was confusing and tough to understand, and its Sadia
Posted 17 May 2018 by hindustylez
Lol Saida why you gots to be like that!
Posted 17 May 2018 by hindustylez
Yes indeed! Like the old site better though...how's your day going?
Posted 16 May 2018 by sadia
no i guess he is a dork lol
Posted 14 May 2018 by naomiparmar
its been ages on this site , are you a old member too stylez ?
Posted 14 May 2018 by naomiparmar

I tend to do disastrous things when all is well! Good at heart but not so in the soul... Yo Look! If any ya females feel the urge to entice me! Please do so, by all means be my guesT! One Luv and stay blessed. For the kurrii'z who feel lost (to put in Lamens terms) I'm known to shine that light within you and put that darkness to shame! I hate to use faith as guidance or however you may perceive it to be but My way is an alternative...Curious much!? Get at your boi! *Semper Fi* OooH RaH!!!
160 / 5 feet 8 inch
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