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Jawaria Desi Girl from Ontario Canada
Jawaria Desi Girl from Ontario Canada


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Posted 20 Feb 2019 by hazel23
Hello ,i am Hazel Parker from united state of America and i am supportive,caring and also i have a passionate of true love in my heart. i just went through your profile today on this site then i pick interest in you and i will like us to know each other more to establish a good relationship and please try to write to me at ( parkerhazel2@hotmail.com) then i send you my pictures then introduce myself more better to you ok, thanks..
Posted 14 Dec 2018 by Zoahib
Posted 21 Sep 2018 by HugeGoraLund
whitemendesiwomen.tumblr.com The Contrast of fair skin on brown/light brown skin turns Desi girls on! You are like Generic Desi girls,CLOSED MINDED, obsessed with your culture, afraid to be different, don't wanna date/marry a white man. Your conservative ways make no sense from a racial purity standpoint since many desi people are 70-80% Caucasian depending on caste/ethnic group so breed with a 98-99% Caucasian European man = more racially pure offspring. YOU WANNAA LEECH OFF SUPERIOR EUROPEAN MALE FOUNDED NATIONS FOR A BETTER LIFE BUT NOT DATE/MAARRY ONE? HAHA SO CLOSED MINDED. European and middle eastern men are bigger on average, your loss!

Here are 25 Random things about me: 1. I am notorious for not picking up the phone. Somehow, I am always miles away when it’s ringing. My eldest sister (sister#1) suggested I wear my cell phone around my neck. No, she wasn’t joking or being sarcastic. She really meant it. 2. No offence to vegetarians but I love meat. Then again, I am originally from Pakistan. Need I say more? You know how we are! We eat meat for breakfast, meat for lunch and meat for supper. As a matter of fact, if it was possible for us to make an edible dessert out of meat, we would do that too! 3. Often, I find myself paying close attention to people’s handwriting and punctuation. People with good handwriting will almost certainly win my approval. 4. Even living in North America for quite some time, I still haven’t developed a taste for coffee. I want my chai or the next best thing, the chai latte. 5. Although I am not particularly fond of desserts, I take 2 (heapful) teaspoons of sugar with my tea. 6. I shun skim milk, fat-free yogurt, yogurt based ice-creams, margarine and other such “mutilated” dairy products. I like the real thing. Small portions of it but nevertheless, the REAL thing. 7. I am one of the few to survive after drinking water from Karachi’s road side, chat wala, just hours after I landed and that too after being “quarantined” in the wonderfully hygienic world of North America for 5 years. No stomach flu, no cough attacks, not even a hiccup!!! Those who have tried this know what a remarkable feat that is. 8. I have found out that it’s no fun having flu when your “mommy” is not around to pamper you. 9. I would always amuse my dad to have my way. There was absolutely no other way to go about it. 10. I am a homebody at heart. For me, lazing around the house is one way of having fun. 11. I am a chronic things-to-do list maker. 12. Recently, I discovered almost everything in my wardrobe was some shade of blue. 13. I have rather an abundant collection of hair accessories. 14. One of the perils of being youngest in the family is that the people would rather live your life for you, all in good intentions of course. By “people” I mean my sister #2. She has a personality of atleast one city (and we are talking NYC here), if not more. Occasionally (when she ruffles my feathers), I refer to her as “people”. 15. When I was a kid, the greatest joy I felt was when I would stumble across my sister’s (sister#3) stash of goodies. She would never eat all of her share of chocolates and candies and hide some for later (to rub it in). I always tried my best to provide her with as fewer opportunities as I could. 16. I do believe exposure makes things complicated. When you know too much, you want more in life and would not settle for less. I realize now, ignorance is bliss – it really is! 17. I love those black and white movies where people would meet briefly, fall madly in love, get married and live happily ever after. Life was so simple in those days! 18. Arrogant and obnoxious people make me flinch visibly. 19. Think whatever you may but I am fond of animated movies and fairy tale endings. 20. I have always liked fairytales with a twist. For example, Mulan, Ella Enchanted and of course, Princess Bride. 21. Occasionally, I find the sense and sensibility within me engaged in a heated debate. I do lean towards sense most of the time but sensibility does get the better of me in few things. And yes, I am a Jane Austen fan! 22. As we can all see, I like to number things. It makes things clear. I even go to painstaking lengths and come up with a complicated numbering scheme involving numbers, letters and roman numerals (in case I feel the need for sub-categories and sub-categories of sub-categories) to make things even clearer. I hate to be confused and likewise, cause confusion. 23. Some people say that initially, I come off as standoffish. Perhaps, I like to take my time before I warm up to people. 24. I would love to travel around the world, learn different languages and try different cuisines. Although, I like familiar things but I respond to change fairly well too. 25. I have a fascination for bridges. They have so much character - standing tall and strong and braving it through. Besides, a bridge is one structure where architects can’t steal the limelight away from engineers. If they must design one, they have to play by engineering rules. It is all about loads, spans, concrete and steel; truly an engineer’s domain!
15 Dec 1975 (43 Years Old)
No / Occasionally
Canada / Ontario